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Clip-mounting cage nut

Clip-mounting cage nut

Cage nuts combine the classic elastic properties of fasteners used
for assembly with the strength of multi-threaded steel nuts. Cage nuts
are designed to be used in any kind of assembly including blind
assemblies and are particularly common in equipment racks. They can
be fastened within their housing using bolts and subjected to considerable
tightening torque or axial forces. No special tools or specialized fitters
are required to mount these nuts. The use of cage nuts allows for a great
reduction in assembly time, as costly operations such as tapping, welding
or riveting can be avoided. Due to the fact that the nuts are slightly loose within
the cage, minor adjustments in the alignment of the parts to be assembled are
Clip cage nuts can slide easily along a panel edge whether is level or inclined. They
can also be mounted within rectangular mounting holes in the middle of a panel. In
smaller dimensions alignment and retention are ensured using a lip which fits into the mounting hole, allowing the nut to slide into the correct position and keeping it in place.

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