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TRS Spring nut

TRS Spring nut

The Flat spring nut is a fastener composed of two raised thread forms
which give double elastic pressure. The bow of the base and the
arched form of the thread forms mean that two different forces are
applied gradually to the screw when tightened. Radial force A is produced
by the pressure of the thread forms deep into the thread while axial force
B is exerted upon the outside of the thread due to the compression of
the thread forms onto the base.
No special tools are required to mount this nut and it is quicker and easier
to mount than conventional nuts. As it is self-locking, costly operations such
as tapping, welding or riveting are avoided. It can also be used with fragile materials
such as glass, plastic or enameled surfaces. In these cases the resilience of the
nut avoids cracks or damage to the application area. This nut locks with tightening
torques which much lower than for standard nuts due its great resilience.


TRS Spring nut
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